Agratronix soil compaction meter


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Soil Compaction Tester

Part No. 08180

Why Test Soil Compaction?

  • Increase yield by increasing root and plant development
  • Increase the effectiveness of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides
  • Reduce time and fuel cost by reducing power needed to till a field
  • Increase soil water retention.

Product Features

  • 24” stainless steel rod with adjustable shock collar to prevent damage to the gauge during transport or storage
  • Easy to read, color-coded, stainless steel dial that is liquid filled to reduce shock
  • Durable molded housing with rubber grip handles
  • Large and small tip included with convenient storage in tester housing
  • Hanger hole with nail included for easy storage on wall or above workbench

Made by AgraTronix, leading manufacturer-supplier of agricultural equipment in three product categories.


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Watch video here: Product Demonstration

Technical Data


  • Penetration depth: up to 24″ in 3″ increments
  • Green testing range (0-200 psi): good growing conditions
  • Yellow testing range (200-300 psi): fair growing conditions
  • Red testing range (300 psi and above): poor growing conditions
  • Two tips included: 1/2″ tip for firm soil, 3/4″ tip for soft soil


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