FieldScout GreenIndex+ Board


Now there is a better, more affordable way to manage the nitrogen needs of crop – the patented FieldScout GreenIndex+ app!

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The Power of Your SmartPhone…for Nitrogen Management!

•  Determine recommended nitrogen rates at V6 – V10 stage for corn
•  Schedule nitrogen application with irrigated corn using reference strips
•  Compare crop health using DGCI for any crop under different fertility, fungicide, or foliar treatments

Now there is a better, more affordable way to manage the nitrogen needs of crop. The patented FieldScout GreenIndex+ app utilizes the power of a smartphone or other smart device to capture differences in relative greenness between corn leaves, allowing users to make valuable decisions regarding fertilization in the V6 growth stage and beyond.  As the chlorophyll pigment is what gives a plant its green color, measurements of the greenness of plant leaves can be used to help determine the overall health of the plant.

The app captures images and instantly computes the Dark Green Color Index (DGCI) of plant leaves.  As DGCI has been correlated to SPAD readings in corn at the V6 growth stage, the measurements are converted to relative SPAD values for ease of use by growers familiar with SPAD tools.  Nitrogen uptake increases dramatically at the beginning of the V6 development stage.  Corrective measures, based on early diagnosis of severe nitrogen deficiencies, can prevent yield reduction.

By utilizing the averaging feature, growers can easily obtain greenness levels across field samples and compare them with samples obtained from a high-nitrogen test strip.  The app also incorporates widely-established nitrogen recommendation models developed by Iowa State and Penn State universities to generate fertilizer recommendations.

All data is logged and geo-referenced, and can be emailed to a personal computer for further analysis.  Log files can be opened directly into Microsoft Excel or other applications that can accept .CSV files.
iOS Device not included.