LAQUA Twin 6 meter Set with case


Accurate measurement from only a single drop of sample onto HORIBA’s original flat sensor. LAQUAtwin product line up offers easy, quick, and reliable measurement of 6 parameters. The meters bring a new dimension to scientific agriculture.



Well designed, small pocket meters for testing a variety of electro-chemical parameters – pH, conductivity (EC), salt, potassium, sodium, nitrates and calcium.

These pocket testers are unique in their use of miniature technology and that they only require a tiny amount of sample, as little as one drop. Just micro samples and no beakers are needed for measurements.

Easy-to-use electronic operation, IP67 rated dust / waterproof.

The exclusive flat sensor design means that you can choose from 7 different options for measuring, depending on your situation and type of sample:

  1. Scoop – use as a scoop to test water from a dam or river
  2. Wipe – wipe a surface with a sampling sheet soaked in pure water and measure
  3. Paper, textiles or films – cut sample into small pieces and place directly on sensor, then add a defined amount of pure water
  4. Powders – Place a powder sample onto the sensor, then add a defined amount of pure water
  5. Solid samples – Foods containing some moisture can be placed directly on the sensor
  6. Drops – very small volumes can be dropped onto a sampling sheet
  7. Immersion – immerse the sensor in a beaker of sample solution

Models Available:

  • pH
  • Conductivity (EC)
  • Salt (NaCl)
  • Sodium ion (Na+)
  • Nitrate ion (NO3)
  • Calcium ion (Ca2+)
  • Potassium ion (K+)


  • pH measurements – water, soil, plant tissue, some foods
  • Conductivity (EC) measurements – water, soil, paints, paper, cleaning solutions
  • Salt (NaCl) measurements – water, soil
  • Sodium ion (Na+) measurements – foods, athlete’s electrolyte balance, residual sodium on processing equipment
  • Nitrate ion (NO3) measurements – water, soil, plant sap
  • Calcium ion (Ca2+) measurements – water, soil, milk
  • Potassium ion (K+) measurements – water, soil, plant sap, plant tissue, rice, sea water


  • Compact, pen-type meter with miniaturised components fits in your pocket
  • Durable with IP67 rating dust and waterproof
  • Unique flat sensor offers seven different sampling techniques
  • Sensor is replaceable
  • Backlit electronic display for easy reading, even in poor weather
  • Automatic temperature compensation for enhanced accuracy
  • Accurate and reliable – backed by Horiba’s 60 years of engineering techology
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Single button calibration and measurement
  • Auto power off (after 30 minutes)