AGRETO Soil Compaction meter



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  • Soil Compaction Tester to determine soil compaction on agricultural land
  • Ideal for farmers, consultation and research facilities, schools.

Technical details:

  • Robust construction
  • First-class material: Probe stainless steel, handle made from anodized aluminium
  • Probe length: 75 cm
  • Probe diameter: 12 mm
  • Tip 13 mm for firm soil
  • Tip 19,5 mm for loose soil
  • Adjustable depth limitation
  • Depth inscriptions on the probe
  • Built-in manometer
  • Measuring range from 0 to 400 PSI
  • Running display of the measuring value
  • Scope of delivery: probe with handle, 2 changeable tips, user manual
  • “Made in Austria”


  • Recognition and localization of compaction in different soils
  • Provides important information on previous tillage
  • Continuous display of the pressure during plunge
  • Hydraulic pressure measurement without electronics, so no battery needed
  • Manometer protected integrated in the handle
  • Robust instrument for daily use

Additional information


Delivery contents:
• soil compaction tester
• 2 probe tips
• 2 handles
• user manual
Device data:
• Measurement of the mechanical resistance in the ground
• Analogue display shows soil compaction during insertion
• The measurement scale on the soil compaction tester shows the depth of the compacted soil layer
• Measurement range from 0 to 70
• Measurement of hydraulic pressure without electronics, and so no battery needed
• Completely made of stainless steel
• Probe tips for light and heavy soils