AGRETO Grain Moisture tester GFM+



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Professional moisture meter for all major crops

The AGRETO GFM+ is a portable device for the fast determination of the moisture content of grain, corn, oil crops, protein crops and other crops (42 crops in total).

Ideal for the determination of the harvest and storage life

With the AGRETO GFM+ the moisture is determined directly on the field to make the decision to harvest

Practical to use, directly on the combine or trailer

Using whole grain measurement, the GFM+ provides one or more measurement results in seconds without cleaning. The large display and ease of use of the device make use, even in the dark, possible.

Time and cost savings for farmers and contractors

Determination of the moisture on the field prevents unnecessary trips to the dealer and expensive down time of the harvesters.

High measuring accuracy

Due to the compressed sample, the automatic temperature correction and the quality measurement electronics provides the GFM+ with reliable results. In the usual harvest, moisture deviations are max. + / – 0.5%. The calibration curves are individually adjustable for each crop and can be adapted to the reference device.